english eccentrics!

holy woodcutter's cottage. this little baby that i picked up today is the best-smelling candle i've ever experienced in my life. it makes all other candles look silly. this is the description, and it's true, plus some. i'm serious, i've never smelled anything like this. i feel like i have a crackling fire going in my bedroom. i can almost hear it.

the glass is gorgeous and perfect too. at english eccentrics.

Enchanted Forest Candle: Evocative of a woodcutter's cottage on the edge of a forest. Rich smoky notes with cedar wood and birch in a warm amber base.


as if Ryan Gosling could get any hotter... now he's gone and made my fave song of 2009 with Dead Man's Bones My Body's A Zombie For You

i heart cacharel

I love Cacharel. They have a new creative director starting S/S 2010, so let's watch and see what happens! I am the biggest sucker for anything Cacharel... really I'm the biggest sucker for anything Liberty print. Hope they don't lose that vibe too much!

hurts so good

please i can't even take how amazing these boots are... i can barely look at the screen, it's like looking into the face of God