OBSESSO with this dress.. via Azalea boutique
"Young people love what is interesting and odd, no matter how true or false it is. More mature minds love what is interesting and odd about truth. Fully mature intellects, finally, love truth, even when it appears plain and simple, boring to the ordinary person; for they have noticed that truth tends to reveal its highest wisdom in the guise of simplicity."


Muqarnas Dome of the Calat Alhambra in Granada, Spain (c. 14th cent.)

AMAZING kasia struss by hugh lippe


Winter's coming! Much as I love my high heels on the weekdays, I do also love a lazy Sunday in my slouchy uggy boots, leggings, and oversize top. Update your slouchy comfy boots with Whooga Uggs - check out their free giveaway here!

Wear them with these for a cozy winter Sunday!

Argyle Marios cape sweater via Pixie Market

Rag & Bone twill leggings via Shopbop

Malene Birger scarf via Shopbop

Karen Walker Helter Skelters