my fave boutique in NYC

my #1 fave boutique in NYC: Darling, in the West Village. this boutique is PERFECT. it smells like roses, the clothes are all feminine but simple (and flattering), and the whole vibe is romantic with a hint of bohemian luxury. it's amazing. you can get stuff if you're on a budget (great sale rack, stacking bangles for like $5, bohemian ring trays); or you can blow out your whole paycheck on gorgeous ruffled silk dress. either way, Darling is always a perfect experience.

i'm obsessed with this poster design!

here are some pics from my Dead Weather concert. holy crap are they amazing. (the band not the pictures)

my camera is not so amazing. i wish these were better photos but what can you do - i was simultaneously taking pics and freaking out at the music and performances. this is the best i could do.

here's what i would dress Allison in. everything from All Saints.