My dreams are soooo exciting. I dream about things like finding the perfect blue sandwashed skinny jeans (with ankle zippers). My most scandalous dream as of late was that I dreamed I used my roommate Spencer's toothbrush by accident, and I was like "oh my god I used Spencer's toothbrush" and then I was like, "I'm just not gonna tell him." SCANDAL. INTRIGUE. People at work are like, "omg I had a dream about being the president and then I went flying in the Amazon with Antonio Banderas!!" and I'm like, "really, cause in mine I found the perfect pocket scoop-neck tee at like, Express."

Anyway last night I had a dream about black pumps. Here is my tribute in pictures.




Jessica Simpson:


Whoever hasn't gone to Bitch Bingo at Soho House needs to go immediately. Bianca Del Rio is amaz. I love her more than words can say. I love playing bingo more than words can say.

Anyway I know it's on on Tuesdays... GO.


SORRY I haven't posted in a while, Fashion Week got crazy!

Really?? This was the best the Conde Nasties could do for a picture of Michelle Obama??!!!! I have this personal problem of always grimacing or inadvertantly raising one eyebrow in photos, so I can sort of relate to poor Michelle here - but they had to make it the COVER of the March bible??? That is so lame. Her arms look fierce though, I gotta get back to the gym.

Below are my two fave looks from the March American issue of Vogue:


Today I just want to sit in a corner and listen to Kings of Leon's Only By The Night on repeat. I kinda got busted at work trying to do just that, which is what brought this post on in the first place. Because not only was I rocking out I was also eating a microwave burrito. HOT. Yeah I know.

I can't help it. I sweat these guys so hard. I've seen them a bunch of times and they are insane sick awesome.

Their new album, thank god, is genius.

It's like God made a rock band.

Use Somebody is ridic. I almost can't deal. Manhattan kills me too.

I mean, look at these photos and tell me there is no God of rock and roll. These boys are just too perf.


LOL LOL. I love you Amy Odell, whoever you are!!

I think The City is just gonna get better and better.

"Last night on The City the rift between the Uptowners and Downtowners deepened, as Olivia enacted a Blair Waldorf–esque scheme for the sole purpose of making Whitney feel like a loser. Jay and Nevan showcased wit we never knew they had, with cutting attacks on each other's social spheres. Erin wrestled with just what kind of slut she wanted to be. The slut with an ongoing affair? Or the slut who needs a break from working street corners to find herself? Whitney, meanwhile, sat around and took a lot of shit. As usual, there was much to learn."

"Lesson 1: Bridging the uptown/downtown divide."

Link to continue. There is a lot to learn from The City indeed. The genius of this NY Mag writeup by Amy Odell is that it is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT true that if you combine the lessons of Gossip Girl with the lessons of The City, you basically have a fundamental working knowledge of New York, and can then get on with your day. I can say this with full credentials, having nearly, just nearly, hit my decade-in-New-York mark (only a couple years to go).

Excerpts of lessons from this article that are genius:

-"Lesson 2: Hailing a cab.
Do: Raise your hand in the air at a slight angle to your head."

-"It’s difficult for a person without uptown money to suddenly look like they have it, but a person with uptown money can easily pretend like they don't have it. It’s the founding principle of modern Williamsburg, after all."

-"Lesson 4: Being on time.
Do: Speak up if a bitch is making you late."

-"Do: Attack when the victim is alone and vulnerable. While Olivia, Nevan, and Whitney watch Jay's awful band play, Nevan provides running hysterical commentary on their ugly plaid ensembles. "We're not in the Yukon. Are they going to cut a forest after this?" he says. Whitney pouts but says nothing. A true diva would tell Olivia that wearing plaid is better than looking like a stuffed peacock, and Nevan that he’s too gross to get some even from loose-goose Erin."

-"Don’t: Go back to an ex who bartends at Brother Jimmy’s."

-"Do: Outwit your enemy. Olivia tells Whitney that Jay should have “done his research” on how to dress for her function. Because no one ever wears plaid to the Gansevoort. Olivia shuts Whitney up before she realizes she’s not green enough to be fooled by this. “In the future, let's leave our work environment separate from our personal environment," she says, thereby owning Whitney for the zillionth time."