“You can trace how style changes through the yards. I went through a lot of different looks in the Yardbirds. In early Zeppelin it was about the leather jackets, and then you see the transition from street fashion to clothes that were specifically designed for me. The photos from the ‘77 tour are a great example of that. I’m alternating between black outfits and white outfits each night as a form of ritual. I wanted to show this kind of intent in the book. I was definitely putting things together in a way that no one else was doing at the time. It helped when I found somebody who could manifest some of the ideas that I had in my head. They were able to create the appliqué dragons and make something that was reminiscent of a kimono or the fabrics of the East. I was living a manifestation of the music and was aware of the part I was playing. I’d experimented with this line of thinking in the Yardbirds, but I was really going for it in Zeppelin. I really believe music is an alchemical process, and the clothes were a manifestation of how things were going and materializing. The outfits were more than just stage clothes; they were talismanic.”

— Jimmy Page

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